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dapper duck

this arrived a few weeks ago and i just finally got around to taking photos:

the now famous (and hugely generous)
bagaholicboy spotted this set of vintage medals from an online shop and asked if i'd be interested.

yes please! i'd be happy to have any of the four, if not all :-P

but the blue Maltese Cross is my first choice:

i've been wearing it practically nonstop since it arrived from Singapore. here's how i wore mine last weekend:

it's my new favourite small accessory.

many thanks once again BB!

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awesome styling and accessorizing, dd! i love it!
i don't know what mine's called, i got the shield with the eagle and four crosses. :) i've used it on a blazer, haven't gotten to taking photos yet!

thanks Mark. i thought you got the green one with the fleur-de-lis similar to mine. i wonder which of the others went to whom?

yw! my 2nd choice was the pin above yours, with the center shield and fleur de lis around.

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