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"ze book you ave been waiting for iz finally ere"
the Mothership

its the Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion & Architecture book:

encased in a checkerboard acrylic slip case patterned after the house's Damier canvas also replicated in some of their architectural elements,
"this large format volume is the definitive work on Louis Vuitton's contemporary fashion, art, architecture, design and photography."

this special edition available only in Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide and online, the cover is emblazoned with Takashi Murakami's "LV Hands" illustration:

the multicolour bookmarks reflecting Murakami's highly successful collaboration withe the luxury brand is a nice touch too:

among a slew of other contributors from varying fields and expertise, included are essays by Jill Gasparina, Olivier Saillard and Taro Iragashi, each discussing an aspect of Louis Vuitton's commitment to art, fashion and architecture respectively. the book features over 80 artists, architects, photographers and other creative types that have collaborated with LV throughout the years organized alphabetically for quick reference:

here's a few photos of what's within:


"Valise en Exil" (2008) by Vincent Dubourg.

still from Jean Larivière's animated film "Œuvre X" (2007).


a brief run-through of creative director Marc Jacobs' work for the house.

and a photo of his entire design team from 2006 with a number of their creative output, shot at the rooftop of the LV corporate headquarters along rue Pont-Neuf in Paris.


Jun Aoki's mock up of his
Omotesando building in Tokyo, showing his inspiration of a stack of LV trunks.

and Frank Gehry's phenomenal
Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation building.

i shall be poring over this book tonight. so for now... adieu!

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does it mention about their collab with helmut lang? can you take a pix of the page, please, if there is? thanks! ;)

here you go:

Chrissie Hynde with HL's DJ Trunk

text by Olivier Saillard. i've taken photos of the essay as well. i could email it to you if you like.

thanks, please do. :)


That slipcase is gorgeous! Congrats!

forget Amazon, get this edition instead!

how much is this in AUD? beautiful!!

i was this close to buying it during the jazz night...i thought i would really buy it but due to the unplanned purchase of the escapade...i had to wait and rest my credit card first. hahaha...but it really is a nice read. i hope they will still have it by the time i am armed once again. haha...

did they have a lot of this book on display in Makati? the boutique here only received one. so i skimmed through it with some of the SAs because they were pretty keen to see what's inside as well.

kamusta ang Escapade mo? has it had its first outing yet?

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