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"say hello to my little friend"
brown bag

picked a little something from Prada a couple of days ago:

i simply couldn't resist.

meet Edward, the newest, littlest and cutest of Miuccia's family of robots.

here's his birth certificate:

he'll be my little daily companion.


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And I was just wondering on Sunday if I should have brought him home too...

how could you not? go for it!

There was actually a bigger one beside Edward, and I could not decide... loving your Swatch entry too, I used to have a tiny collection, but that was in the past.

there's a bigger one??? they only have Edward here.

Yeah, it's almost double the height of Edward, with long lanky legs... I wanted to find out more but the pissy SA made me lose all interest...

i think the pissy SA is a Prada trademark unfortunately. no different here. =(

i resisted the other Prada robots when they first came out. this was just too cute to pass.

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