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reaching new heights
me typed

i've been aware of these ever since their launch in 2004 caused a stir in the men's fashion forums. like with anything "different", there are lovers and haters. initially i was sceptical to be honest. but then the desire eventually kicked in and has been on-and-off ever since. mainly because access to them was pretty slim for me. the one boutique here in Australia closed shop about the same time as the creative director left. i haven't even seen anyone wearing them here in Australia. i finally had the chance to check them out when i was overseas last January. but the desire was at a wane then. for which i am kicking myself since i got back. then an opportunity came along and i knew it was now or never (well, maybe heaps later than never). so i did and here they are:

Jonny boots from Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche


here's a close-up of it's iconoclastic 3 in heels:


these are one of Tom Ford's last designs for YSL before he left. they've been so successful that they are made with only slight tweaks on the choice of material, colour and trims every year. its a rather new experience for me. the highest i've gone prior are these Western boots i've had for a while now:


here's the two side-by-side:


you might think i've got some height issues. if that were the case, i would've bought them sooner. i am 5ft 7in which i think is pretty average for my race and im perfectly fine about it. its not that. its not even about being edgy by showing-off the heels. they will be obscured by my pants and jeans most of the time anyway. i simply like how pedal elevation affects my posture. i normally have this unconscious slump and a slight anterior head carriage going on. but these "uppers" naturally bring my shoulders back and my head straight. it also changes my gait from a rather unremarkable near-shuffle to sure-footed strides. i really don't know why i waited this long. im already thinking of getting my second pair. although i think this - even higher and skinnier heels by R ick Owen s - is pushing it:

Jonny YSL's is as high as i'll ever go.