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Eyescapes: Swatch x Rankin

Swatch will soon release a collection of 8 watches created by British photographer and founder of hip fashion magazine
Dazed & Confused, John Rankin Waddell, a.k.a. Rankin - who previously worked for the Swiss watch company's New Gent tv and print campaign last year.

each will feature a metallic sunbrushed dial printed with a captivatingly decontextualized human iris taken from a series of photographs the artist did in 2007 called

five of these - all in black - will be limited to 777 individually numbered box sets:

while the remaining 3 in black, white and transparent are for general release and sold separately

Swatch x Rankin Eyecsapes are scheduled for release on 1 June 2011.

eye want them all!!!


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