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taking a walk on the wild side

after a little over a year, i finally satisfied that
want for something animal print

...with a pair of Tod's gommini leopard print pony skin (aka cowhide) moccasins

just in time for autumn.

a distinct new addition to my
growing collection of moccasins

it is pretty wild and i love it!

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purrr purrr

Mark /

wow, even on its sole! cool. such a statement! :)

can't avoid people not looking down, but its actually pretty versatile.

Gorgeous, but i need to see them in an outfit. Anyway, congrats!!!!

i wore them out the other day with beige chinos and a black polo shirt. but i try not to think about what matches with it or not colour-wise, i would only avoid wearing another print with it. though i did find the beige Burberry nova check working very well with it too.

I'm jealous... I LOVE them! :B

hunt for a pair too. it also came in zebra and camouflage and i think i want some stripes next ;-)

Where did you buy these?

hi there i also have a love for tods shoes.
i was just wondering. where did you buy these?

Re: Where did you buy these?

it was purchased for me by a friend at Jeffrey's in New York. these came in zebra and camouflage too:

Re: Where did you buy these?

Thank you for letting me know.
just one more quick question.
I buy all my Tod's at David Jones in Sydney and they don't really have a huge range.
do you know of any other places to buy them ?

Re: Where did you buy these?

im based mainly in Melbourne and DJ's is the only one i know who sell these. maybe try finding a online store that ship internationally.

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