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summer staples 1: CdG plimsolls
brown bag

i picked up a couple of Comme des Garçons SHIRT shoes during the Boxing Day Sales in Sydney:

multicolour fluoro jersey is not something i would normally pick up at first sight i must admit. but the rather garish colouration actually grows on you. its ugly-beautiful. goes great with summer brights and plain chinos. i like it.

and this metallic silver printed black canvas sneakers are unashamedly flashy. a fun pair to wear with pretty much everything.

being from past seasons, they were heavily reduced in price. so i thought, why not?

these will get a lot of mileage throughout our Antipodean summer.

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they're pretty comfy too. i don't need to wear socks.

would it hurt even more if i told you they were AU$90 each?

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