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plucked: McQueen feather pin
brown bag

i picked up a little something from Marais a few months ago:

Alexander McQueen feather stick pin in gunmetal:

i purchased it mainly because of this bag*

i was having a little feather/avian themed obsession a while ago in anticipation of this blue printed tote from LV. sadly, it wasn't commercialized.

my mini frenzy probably jinxed it =(

anyhoo, i still think it is a rather smart lapel pin.

(4-pocket tweed waistcoat and fox head wool necktie from Polo Ralph Lauren, white button-down shirt from Hugo BOSS Orange)

it is officially summertime here in Australia so it would have to stay under wraps for a few more months when lapels come back into the fore.

*more about this bag HERE

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Love your accoutrements and ensembles! Congrats!

I like this too! A lot! Nice acquisition:-P

Merry X'mas Javier!


thanks Kevin. a Happy Christmas to you too!

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