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men + pearls
Rietveld Chair

this is not exactly an endorsement, but merely an observation. current convention doesn't really view a string of pearls as terribly masculine, but it seems like there's a trend of (mostly hetero) menfolk proudly wearing one around their necks.

Moooi design company's eccentric founder Marcel Wanders:

Armand Hadida, proprietor of avant-garde Parisian boutiqe

and Paris-based, Italian fashion designer
Giambattista Valli:

Getty/Jemal Countess

i've even found this guy on

image from erdalito

brave souls. especially since there's a particularly sexual connotation of wearing/giving "pearl necklaces" i'd rather not expound on.
personally, a full-on strand isn't for me. but i must admit, i do own ONE piece of pearl jewellery i've been happily wearing for years. its a rather large South Sea Pearl on a black rubber and silver bracelet:

designed by legendary Olympian
Ian Thorpe for the Australian pearl company Autore back in 2002:

being the only true gem made by a living organism, pearls have this certain mystique - a calming lustre glowing from within - in stark contrast to the firey scintillation of crystallized minerals.

now that jewellery is once again fair game for both sexes, who is man enough to wear a full set?

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oh my gulay, di ko kinaya. pearl necklaces on guys doesn't look too nice, imo.

i agree. yung black pa siguro. but still...

I've been tempted to buy a vintage pearl necklace before, but I don't know, not so sure I can pull it off. It's brave though.

it sure takes balls. bigger ones than it takes to wear skirts i think. come on... you can do it. and tell us how you went after ;-)

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