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#bagoftheday: a weekend jaunt

Le Pliage 'Pills' bag by Jeremy Scott for Longchamp

meet 'Steve'
brown bag

Christian #Louboutin 'Chris' #iPad clutch
brown bag

Y / N ?

dapper duck

'Pills Pliage' by Jeremy Scott for Longchamp

#bagoftheday Prada Robot tote
brown bag

#bagoftheday the Odeon
dapper duck

denim and suede tote from Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

bag of the day: Prada Cordura backpack
brown bag

i love this wildly vibrant print which i believe is based on a blown-up and stylized bouclé tweed pattern, but feels more like an African 'Dutch wax' print to me.

part of Prada's F/W 2010 collection

a current fave =]

iLike: Burberry Prorsum Large Sunburst Print Tote
brown bag

loving this ethnic inspired print from the current Spring/Summer 2012 collection:

dark spice

  • sunburst print tote in showerproof polyester and nylon
  • magnetic snap-clasp closure, soft leather handles
  • purse pocket, multiple interior pouch pockets
  • matte metal plaque on the front engraved with the Burberry Prorsum logo

also available in:

dark peacock


AU$850 at

yay or nay: Fendi Classico No. 5
brown bag

practically going for a song, but do i really need another tote bag?

the Tatjana clutch
brown bag

"I constantly think of ways for my collection to evolve and it was a natural progression to introduce a handbag line."

über chic Filipina and fine jeweller Janina Dizon Hoschka has just launched a line of very beautiful clutches hand crafted in sumptuous stingray. named after her playful little daughter, Tatjana [taht-YAH-nah] is a colour extravaganza with striking combinations of sunny yellow, grass green, sapphire blue, jet black, hot pink and zingy citruses.

these are but a sample from a myriad of other brilliant jewel hues she has utilized for the premiere collection.

these clutches also feature a brilliant cut 3pt. diamond stud set just below the stingray's "eye" - a little reminder that she is first and foremost a jeweller from a highly successful family spanning three generations of female artisans

you would be hard-pressed to pick just one. but
if you have something in particular in mind, she also offers a bespoke service allowing her clients to choose their desired skins (stingray, alligator, python or water snake) with nearly infinite number of possible colour permutations and diamond placements. please give up to 3 months for special orders. these are priced from PHP29,000 up to PHP38,000 (AU$600-850 approx.)

JANINA for Jul Dizon
at The Peninsula Manila Hotel mezzanine
ph: +63 2 8123456
mob: +63 922 816 3449
email: janina@janinadizon.com

twitpic: feet up
dapper duck

it's a Prada day =)

twitpic: take-home Gucci
brown bag

large wristlet with embossed Gucci trademark

kinda done with messengers, duffels, totes & shoppers. all seem cumbersome as of late, so im now ready to go minimal and give this a trial until the LV F/W 2011 men's clutches come out =]

the old workhorse: YSL Odeon Denim Bag
brown bag

today i feature one of my most reliable "pack mules"- the Yves Saint Laurent Odeon denim bag:

from the
YSL Men's Spring/Summer 2005 collection, it also appeared on the corresponding ad campaign:

i've had this bag for a good six years now and though it once sported immaculate creamy white suede trims and the denim looks a little on the tired side, it is still one of my most reliable fallback pieces.

cost-per-wear ratio: approximately .05¢ per year. completely justified. =]

new Balenciaga men's totes
dapper duck


particularly the one in camel suede. hmmm.....

pics: Balenciaga

Gucci F/W 2011 Roll-up Briefcase?
dapper duck

im hoping someone would confirm that these:

actually unfurl to become this:

if so, it's brilliant!!!

im not really keen about it pretty much resembling the Hermès Kelly Longue when folded. im more excited that someone
finally made a truly packable leather briefcase. i want the one in tan.

more photos of the
Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 show at www.gq.com.

new year, new bag: my first Goyard

this is indeed my first piece from Goyard, that other French luggage house established in 1853.

fresh from their rue Saint-Honoré boutique in Paris, i present to you the Ambassade:

as part of their core collection, the Ambassade is their version of the men's soft briefcase. one feature i like about this particular bag is the convenient outside pocket intended to carry your newspapers or magazines for your trip.

available in about a dozen different colourways, i have chosen the standard black with tan trim combo for my first. this rather odd combination takes a moment to get used to, but the highly contrasting tan leather actually echoes the wooden frame & struts used on their old trunks.
i also love their stylized logo of a large G encapsulating the rest of the name. if it was more convenient and budget limits not upheld, i would've requested it painted on the front along with some stripes and maybe even have my initials on the back. i'll just save that for next time ;-)

from their unique "G" zipper pulls to their individually signed hardware, they sure don't spare the details.

the bright interior lining the colour of goldenrod makes it easier to find what you're looking for.


their distinct M.C. Escher-esque pattern is composed of three chevrons, juxtaposed to form the letter Y which first came out in 1892 and evokes not only the name of the Maison itself, but also a tree - symbolizing three centuries of the Goyard family history and their “Compagnon de Rivière” (a centuries-old guild specializing in the transportation of firewood for Paris homes via the river) ancestors.

the difference between Goyard's chevron canvas and Louis Vuitton's monogram canvas lie on how the pattern is produced. Goyard's has a slightly raised pattern of paint dots comprising 3 colours: chocolate, beige and white in this particular colourway; each are applied through a special screen printing technique done by hand which results in a unique pattern where no two are exactly alike. these raised dots are indeed more time-consuming than LV's canvases, which also explains why Goyard bags are a tad more dearer. but the raised dots also make Goyard bags more prone to scuffs and chipping.

incorporated among the chevrons reads "E GOYARD 233 R St HONORE PARIS"; the E refers to Edmond Goyard (1860–1937) the founder François Goyard's (1828–1890) eldest son which also gives honour to Edme Goyard (1801–1879) his grandfather.

im a bit taken by surprise that the shoulder strap is optional (one would have to pay extra for the convenience and you'd be silly not to) and is beautifully packaged in its own box.

this is a totally new experience for me and though slight, there are indeed some differences to what i have been accustomed to. nevertheless, im already thinking of which to get next. =]

clarification re: LV vs Dunhill 'carbon fibre'
me typed
i have been receiving a steady stream of similar emails and tweets from readers since i posted this entry last Sunday.

it is my understanding that:

Dunhill's Chassis Collection

are leather bags made to look like carbon fibre.

here's a direct quote from the Dunhill website
: "As part of the Chassis range, which is made from dunhill's exclusive, patented carbon fibre effect leather , and which is water- and scratch-resistant, this striking holdall introduces a new shape to dunhill's large leather collections."

while the
Louis Vuitton Damier Carbone Keepall
is fabric made from actual carbon fibre woven with the company's Damier pattern.


the Prada Initials tote
brown bag

the first official photo of the Prada Initials bag has surfaced:

i still wish one can have the option of up to three letters instead of just two. but nonetheless, i think i much prefer the tessuto version above which seems more practical than the cervo leather looking ones shown on the men's Spring-Summer 2011 runway:

iWant! =D

twitpics: Euro loot
brown bag
here's a few other bits & bobs i received:

a "colette surprise" bag filled with little fun & silly random things.

an awesome feather lapel pin from Gitta Burfind, Munich.

a Swatch Berlin City special "Time in Berlin" to add to my collection.

matchy-matchy: us 4 bros got a Bottega Veneta Intrecciato bracelet each.

a Cambridge Satchel Company satchel in navy from Paul Smith.

...and a box of Ladurée macarons and some petit fours sec. YUM!!!!

very happy chappy =]

twitpic: got me a little Happy today
brown bag


this caught my eye too:


brown bag

i've been thinking about these lately:

especially the green one:


thrill of the Hunt
brown bag

i wonder if that Longchamp bag i've got my eye on is included. hmmmm....

for more info visit
Hunt Leather.

lately i've been thinking about...
brown bag

Balenciaga's Voyage Laptop in black camel leather:


spotted: YSL printed nylon tote

i was browsing the new offerings at the
Yves Saint Laurent website today and this tote instantly caught my eye:

i assume this is part of their men's Cruise 2010 collection. i've yet to find out the official name for it, the website only describes it as "tote in multicolor printed nylon". perhaps to most, this bag is a bit on the whacky side, but im really loving the look of it. it seems like a very functional summer tote perfect for beachside outings or downtown excursions. the combination of chocolate brown, beige and a dash of sky blue just gives it extra punch. but its that flash of the stylized leopard pattern - which strongly reminds me of LV's very popular
Spouse Leopard print - that makes a potentially nondescript nylon bag that needed verve. i would like to find out what those handles on the side do. surely they're not just some random design frivolity. it looks to me like the bag converts onto a slightly different configuration depending on which handles are used.

very interesting in an ugly/beautiful sort of way and i like it!

Gucci: Snowman in Africa
crazy banana

now in its fifth year running, the Gucci Campaign to Benefit UNICEF has commissioned artist, photographer, author, film maker and illustrator Michael Roberts to create a follow-up to his hugely successful Snowman in Paradise children's book. the result is Snowman in Africa:

starting from 16 November up to 31 December 2009, Snowman in Africa will be sold exclusively at all Gucci boutiques worldwide and on Gucci.com with 100% of the book's sales going to UNICEF.

Gucci's Creative Director Frida Giannini has also designed a line of bags and small accessories as part of their 2009 Holiday Collection in which 25% of the sale of each item will also go to UNICEF's “Schools for Africa” fund. it includes a couple of their medium Gucci Joy boston bags screen printed with Michael Robert's signature illustrations:

sadly, initial reactions from when images of these bags first made their rounds in the blogosphere a couple of months ago weren't too positive. i think some missed the whole picture when they saw these bags out of context. oh well...

i personally think their child-like spirit is whimsical and cheerful. mirth is a good thing. i particularly like the one with the elephants printed on white GG Plus coated canvas. it looks exotic and somewhat festive at the same time.

there will also be a matching wrist clutch and round coin purse:

and the now requisite key ring / bag charms:

in the spirit of the holidays, try not to take everything too seriously. have a little fun. and support a good cause while you're at it.


for more information visit the
Gucci website.

i have previously posted about Mr Robert's work featuring Louis Vuitton for Vanity Fair here:
ilLVstrated 2

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