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shot through the heart: my Louis Vuitton F/W 2012 Menswear picks
the Mothership

these jabot pins shaped like arrows with feathers painted to replicate Gaston Vuitton's personal monogram are an instant hit.

i MUST have one. oh, and this necktie too:

im happy to see the Karakoram blanket showing up once again

the bomber in ochre is particularly appealing. more so if it is reversible

and i am very intrigued by this new Damier interpretation. the nautical feel of the superimposed rope grid reminds me of the Ouvea pattern from Spring 2006.

the bags looks prohibitively expensive, but the cashmere rug looks doable.

Kim Jones' successful transition as LV menswear director secures his spot as among the ones to look forward to every season.

Louis Vuitton S/S 2012: my picks
the Mothership

here are my top picks from the recently concluded presentation in Paris:

im sure everyone instantly fell in love with this varsity jacket emblazoned with Gaston Vuitton's geometric V motif.

i also like this quilted roll-up jacket with the built-in straps and carry handle: a clever amalgamation of travel and fashion

from a line up of very fine & covetable bags and luggage, this binocular case in Nomade leather is the one i want.

i've got to get me a pair of these clever snap-on/flat-pack sandals:

but the one thing that are now burned in my mind and retinas are these wraps in maxi Damier and
subtle LV Monogram plaid patterns.

a reference to Mr Jones' childhood spent in East Africa, these vibrantly incandescent scarves are inspired by traditional Masai blankets


after five fine years under the creative helm of Paul Helbers who greatly influenced what we now come to know as the "Vuitton Man", the appointment of Kim Jones as director of their menswear division was initially seen as an unlikely - but now proven to be inspired - move by Louis Vuitton. the transition wasn't drastic, travel has always been the strong recurring theme of the brand, and Mr Jones surely stepped up and delivered a collection so finely attuned to LV's DNA.

the future looks mighty bright.

Louis Vuitton Men's Fall/Winter 2011-12: the bags
the Mothership

Paul Helbers is at it again; combining totally disparate subjects into one seemingly cohesive thought. the
Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011-2012 menswear collection is said to be inspired by Amish austerity and the mind-fuckingly surreal films of David Lynch. OK.... @_@ though i do love a number of looks from the show, i'll leave that aspect to my fellow bloggers to pull apart and analyze. im only here to oogle the leathergoods.

though to some gents of a certain age this never really went away, for the rest of us its seems that the time of men's wrist clutch is nigh. the show featured a number of these in various materials:

im actually considering the one on the top right in what looks like Nomade leather or even the one in Monogram canvas.
they are just the right size to contain my most basic daily needs. i like that they used the full-sized latches normally used on their trunks for these.

still afraid of the little clutch? there are some portfolios on offer too:

though smart & even more useful since these could fit that indispensable iPad or MBA, i wish these had handles or a wrist loop too. portfolios invariably end up sandwiched between one's knees in order to have both hands free. not a good look. nor a secure one either.

and for someone who is a little more adventurous, how about a tiny belt pouch?

first proposed during the Spring/Summer 2010 presentation, i think it might take a couple more seasons of coaxing for men to latch on. after trying on the Taiga Pochette Ridge last year, i still have my reservations about belt packs. 

from a company known for travel luggages, there will always be some on offer too. slated for release by the third quarter of this year, Louis Vuitton is introducing a brand new men's bags & accessory line called
Damier Infini:

this collection of fine calfskin leather goods embossed with the company's Damier pattern (only the second time since Damier Glacé from Spring/Summer 2001) made its debut tonight:

a most promising collection, in that they could introduce new colours from time to time. it could possibly be like the men's counterpart to the Monogram Empreinte collection.

i really love that gorgeous tomato red accent colour seen throughout the show. it is the perfect counter to the preponderance of
International Klein Blue seen in a lot of the Milan shows last week. i would really love a Damier Infini compact wallet in this colour:

after years of lugging messengers, large shoppers and duffles, im ready for a downsize. bring on the clutches!


Digital Bohemian: Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2011
the Mothership
"The idea was a digital bohemian, someone who travels in his mind and takes free imaginary trips when he wishes." 
- Paul Helbers, Louis Vuitton men's studio director.

another very promising and thoroughly exciting season to look forward to for this particular LV fan. never one to follow trends or a particular scene, Paul Helbers has done another one of his signature totally-disparate-but-it-somehow-works references for Spring 2011. this season it is a heady mix of high-tech sportswear, militaria and Scandinavian knits all tied together with a heavy mix of the oriental by way of Chinese zodiac and tribal tattoos by master tattoo artist Scott Campbell. as for the bags, there are three distinct "lines" and a couple pieces of what could be considered the "Les Extraordinaires" for men.

first up, is what appears to be a new (semi?) permanent collection - based on the number of bags that were shown. i can't quite pinpoint what sort of material these bags are, but im thinking some sort of rubberized linen or maybe natural coated canvas faintly printed with the LV monogram pattern. it comes in two colours: khaki and beige; with coordinating tri-colour leather handles and trims in khaki, olive and brown:

another collection is a brand new interpretation of their classic Damier pattern done in nylon à la Prada tessuto in graphite, sage green and sky blue. i really like these very sporty-casual collection of bags. and im particulary attracted to the green Damier with the complementing chocolate brown leather trims.

it looks like Bequia leather is making another comeback in 2011, but in a more softer and buffed treatment:

the odd one out: could this be a new
Waterproof Keepall? but this time, they have used a Damier patterned translucent vinyl material reminiscent to Monogram Ambre and Epi Plage from past Cruise collections.

now to what i consider the men's Les Extraordinaires:

Marc Jacobs' acclaimed NYC tattoo artist
Scott Campbell has been asked to design a new pattern for the runway leathergoods and RTW based on oriental iconography and tribal paterns incorporating the LV monogram. these were also applied on the models temporary tattoos. hmmm... i wonder if these will also be commercialized like Chanel did this season.

i have a thing for scarves and these surely got my attention:

i particulary want the cashmere looking one on the left.

i have been poring over all the runway photos provided by
GQ all afternoon trying to decide which ones i like and which ones i truly wish to have. so without further ado, here are my top 3:

this tattooed Damier Graphite Speedy-Keepall showcases a fiery Chinese unicorn to great effect. i just hope this won't leave a huge burned out hole in my wallet >.<


i love LV's archival graphics and the drab vintagey material that i can't comprehend just got to me.

but of all the bags on show, i think this is the one i can see myself getting the most use out of. the shape to me is practical with very manageable proportions, and the handles seem long enough to allow shoulder carry option. the bag is juuuuuust right. though sky blue is ok, i think i prefer it in graphite but green could be nice too.

it would nice to have all three of my choices make it to commercial production. im just keeping my fingers crossed my dwindling bank balance won't suffer too much.

the six-month long anticipation commences in 3..... 2.....

Louis Vuitton x Christian Schoeler Bag upclose

Tommy Ton of
Jak & Jil just posted some amazing close up photos of the bags and shoes from the recent Louis Vuitton F/W 2010 Menswear show. the ones i focused on are of the LV x Christian Schoeler painted bag that's currently #1 on my wish/dream list:

on Mr Ton's photos it appears that the bag is actually painted leather as opposed to raw canvas as i originally thought. it looks like the pricier Nomade leather even.


it changes everything. not because i don't like how it looks up close - in fact i love the rustic and hand-made nature of the bag even more - but on how it affects its chances of making it to the shop floor come Fall.

firstly, all-leather bags are naturally priced higher than fabric. and because its an artist collaboration, im thinking it will definitely to go way past my current ceiling price.

secondly, the nature of how the paint is applied seems very delicate and impermanent (its flaking!). meaning, these could possibly be one-offs created purely for the fashion show and not for general consumption. unless LV plans to develop some other method of reproducing Christian Schoeler's artwork into something that can be sold in multiples.

i wouldn't mind if they even decide to print it on vinyl. as long as it doesn't affect the artist's original vision and it's priced within good reason.

..... OR maybe i got it totally wrong. could it just be a very clever and convincing trompe l'oeil photographic print on canvas? i sure hope so.

the scheming and the obsessing will have to be curbed a little until i get more information/confirmation about this particular bag.

im remaining optimistic and keeping my fingers crossed for now.

the waiting game continues....

GQ, Jak&Jil

LV fall/winter 2010 menswear review

Louis Vuitton goes tyrolean.

for their Fall/Winter 2010 collection, LV Menswear director Paul Helbers looked towards Vienna during the 1900's and that of today. as with their past collections since Mr Helbers took the lead, this rather understated collection was a melding of tradition and technological innovation. heavy winter tweeds meet lightweight & sporty nylon. luxurious silk velvet and cashmere mix with man made microfibres.

some would think the clothes are a snooze, but the luxury house is not about directional cutting-edge men's fashion. updated classics and wardrobe mainstays have always been their forte.

we all know the foci for this presentation are the leathergoods.

come late August/early September we shall expect a collection of oversized mocha-coloured leather bags.

LV's unique, natually oxidised Nomade leather made its first runway appearance since it debuted on the Spring 2004 show:

a couple of Monogram Macassar pieces also made an appearance:

there's also a collection of what seems to be rubberized cotton - the same material used on traditional rain coats:

but among this parade of elegantly restrained bags come splashes - quite literally - of stucco pastel colour:

these atmospheric swirls of paint were applied directly onto canvas by hand, a collaboration with German-born artist
Christian Schoeler. Paul Helbers first worked with the artist for Esquire Magazine's Singular Suit exhibit in London back in July 2009. they teamed up to create a suit constructed out of a single piece of heavy canvas in which Schoeler painted his signature ethereal landscape and portraiture.

with the suit looking fantastic already, the bags are very promising. they will be awesome. 

now for my top picks:

the bluegrey "tarpaulin" bags really interest me. particularly this simple Lanvinesque flat shopper:

and this rucksack-tote hybrid:

this revamped Sac Marin first appeared on the
women's Spring/Summer 2010 runway and im glad this model made the crossover to the boy's side as it it a quite handsome and multi-functional piece. i also like the subtle screen printed geometric V logo based on Gaston Vuitton's personal insignia.

but the one i will be praying to the LV gods for is this:

pardon the cliché, but i nearly died when i saw this. besides being a smart and intriguing soft briefcase and city bag, it's practically a one-off mobile work of art. what makes it even more special to me is that this is the very first LV artist collaboration made specifically for men. i've been wishing they'd invite an artist to do something special for us boys too. we've been missing out for the longest time. yes there's Takashi Murakamai's Monogramouflage, but that is shared with the girls too and it isn't runway. the Schoelers are, and i am most happy with the result.

i must admit, i've never heard of
Christian Schoeler until last night, but i read that this 30 year old painter recreates contemporary fashion-magazine photographs into this otherworldly, raw and intimate portraits using watercolour and oils. his work reminds me so much of Marc Jacob's favourite painter and friend Elizabeth Peyton.

i just hope this bag makes the cut and the price won't push me to closing my perennially harassed bank account (if one can still call it that).

my Spring 2010 selection is pretty much locked-in. i just have to wait for its arrival in the next couple of months. now i can shift all my focus/obsession/frenzy for Fall 2010.

so help me God.

photos:, Coutorture, UKTimesOnline, Colette, Esquire.

sneak peek: LV Men's Autumn-Winter 2010
the Mothership

my full review to follow very soon. im still delirious.

LV Men's Spring 2010 News

here's a few tidbits i have gathered about the upcoming Louis Vuitton Men's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

the new face for the ad campaign is French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry (a.k.a. Mr Halle Berry). here's a couple of shots of him from
LV S/S 2010 runway presentation back in June:

he was phtographed by Steven Meisel at the Spanish hot spot Ibiza. some say it almost could've been Jesus Luz if Madonna had her way. thankfully the luxury brand's big wigs weren't swayed.

Spring 2010 will be all about reintroducing their hugely successful Taïga leather collection. launched in 1993, Taïga was LV's first line of bags, luggage and accessories designed specifically for men. next year, we will see three new colours named after the biospheres surrounding the Arctic region:

Polaire, as the name suggests would most likely be snow white:

Glacier i presume would be this colour:

and Boreal, named after the more densely forested southern portion of the Taiga, the coniferous northern region of the globe just below the Arctic. im a bit stumped with this one, but the closest hint of the actual colour i could come up with is a mottled pink granite. so it could possibly be a new lighter shade of their old acajou (burgundy) colour:

but it could also be a new version of their original epicea (evergreen) colour:

then again, i could be completely way off the mark with this one.

now don't get too excited just yet guys. i haven't heard any confirmation as to which of the bags shown above will actually be produced. but i could easily presume that this tote will most likely make the shortlist:

since this type of bag seems to be popular and they like sticking to what has worked already:

oh, and in case you're curious about this backpack:

it will be available on special order and it will set you back upwards of $20,000. which is ok by me since im not too crazy about it nor its Taiga version, which is relatively cheaper at around $3000+.

while Steven Meisel remains responsible for
LV's glossy fashion adverts for now, and Annie Liebvotiz with their Core Values campaigns, they have enlisted the notoriously hip Frenchman André Saraiva to photograph a bunch of his equally cool friends for Louis Vuitton's sunglasses campaign wearing these:

shot on location at the Modernist architectural wonder,
The Standard Hotel in New York City. i can't wait to see the results.

im all set for an exciting LV Spring 2010.

you can read my LV Mens S/S 2010 Runway review

images:, Louis Vuitton, Buckstyle.

Gladly: the Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace
the Mothership

well the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 show closed Paris fashion week with mixed reactions usual. over sized ombré canvas/denim rucksacks in pastels, loads of tassels, spiral telephone cords, foxtails... they were quite overwhelming to take all in. but im sure when these hit the shelves next year, many people would be converted usual.

the one thing that stood out to me are these drawstring GLAD® lookalike bags:

Marc Jacobs is at it again - reinterpreting once mundane objects into high luxe versions. and im liking it enough to cross the line for. yes, i think would want one for myself.

they remind me of the time when the Street Shopper, those woven laundry/market bags in leather for Spring 2007, first came out to much derision and scathe:

im in the minority who thinks all these bags are witty and beautiful. i never learned to take things too literally and at face value. there's always something inherently meaningful or profound in everything.

you can view the entire show
HERE. but you must have a Facebook account, but who doesn't?

UPDATE: the bags are
called the Raindrop Besace in moka and emerald patent lambskin leather. here are the official photos from the LV website:

iLike. iWant. iLoVe!!!

images:, karenkooper, harper's baz

LV Men's Spring/Summer 2010 review
the Mothership
Paul Helbers' vision for the LV man next season is a man in motion. inspired by the bicycle messengers seen as "gentlemen butterflies" zipping through New York City, the collection has a palpable sportswear mood in a non too literal interpretation of rather disparate subjects as the LV menswear director's become known for. cycling references such as pedal pushers, technical fibres and bike chains

are mingled with organic butterfly wing patterns and iridescent colours:

urbane butterflies may be the theme, but this cohesive collection of luxuriously revamped classics does not impart fragility but of resilience.

but enough of the clothes, i know we're all here for the bags, shoes and accessories.

2010 is the Year of the Taïga.

since its birth in 1993, it was high time to revamp and reestablish this noble cross grained leather as Louis Vuiton's premiere men's collection of luggage and leather goods. next year we will see this collection emerge from its corporate background and hit the streets with the introduction of grey and white along with the return of the original epicea (evergreen) and acajou (burgundy) colours. but i am especially excited because they are finally making it in blue!

along with the usual parade of messengers, briefcases, totes and overnighters, there are also mini belt bags

enticing, but not too practical for my day-to-day schlepping needs, as i do pack a lot. which is why this large backpack is a strong contender:

im just not sure about the keyhole top handle.

my top picks:

but my #1 pick is this briefcase:

the dove grey hue is just perfect.

in this presentation, lanyards abound:

gotta get me one of these.

and the showstopping shoes:

the gold and sequins are terribly tempting. but im particularly interested with the iridescent green oxfords.

i think that's enough stimulation for tonight. i am thoroughly excited for next year's offerings, but for now i must focus on the upcoming
Fall/Winter 2009 intake.


the Mothership

im liking what i see so far:

photos: Pierre Verdy,AFP/GettyImages 

could this be the return of TaÏga epicea green and my long hoped for blue?

i also spy a pair of shoes entirely covered in black/silver sequins (its actually pretty hard to miss) and a pair in gold leather which im totally feeling.

more detailed pics and a full review very soon!

UPDATE: LV Men's Spring 2010 theme and new Cruise Collection preview

apparently it will be a mix between street and sportswear for Spring next year. according to WWD:

"designer Paul Helbers touched on a theme that he plans to fully develop on the spring runway later this month: New York City bike messengers. He mashed up the functionality of athleticwear with graphic elements of streetwear and, as always, ultrafine suits and furnishings. Fabric patterns were influenced by the American flag and bike helmets."

Photo: James Brickwood, from The Sydney Morning Herald.

hmmm... im not really into sportswear nor streetwear, but i trust Mr Helbers won't do a very literal interpretation as per usual. i would also expect to see lots of hands-free courier bags too. and maybe a brand new LV pattern since there's mention of the stars and stripes. this surely got me more impatient to see the show now.

and if you haven't yet, Save The Date!!!

but for now, here's a taste of what will hit the stores this December for their Cruise Collection:

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
photos by
Franck Mura


now these are definitely more like my kind of thing. =)

UPDATE: LV Men's F/W 2009
the Mothership

here's a little tidbit from my SA...

just as they did in
F/W 2008* with the introduction of Damier Graphite* where they showed both permanent collection bags and luggage:


alongside LE/runway pieces:


Fall/Winter 2009* they will release a new permanent line of Monogram canvas bags and luggage trimmed with black leather aimed mainly for the boys:


while the season's LE/runway pieces will be the ones with the honeycomb matelassé treatment:


im just as anxious as you to know which ones will actually make the cut and show up on the shop floor. unfortunately my SA couldn't tell me any more info besides the distinctions i've just mentioned. not everything walked down the runway and we know that things get altered a bit or completely scrapped, but here's what's possible:


i spy a
Tadao* looking tote among them which im mighty keen about.

but my #1 target is still this:


i hope the LV gods would heed. September seems like such an extremely long way away.

*le sigh*

LV Men's Autumn/Winter 2009 Runway
the Mothership

for this collection, LV Menswear director Paul Helbers has taken cues from the exuberant LV Women's S/S 2009 look of a 1940's
jeune fille Parisienne with an African twist. he describes the new collection as "the traveling wardrobe of an African king". Mr Helbers has a penchant for mixing disparate ideas: 50's Cocktail Party in the Moon or Hawaiian Victoriana for example, but not prone to literal interpretations. so instead of going for an outright ethnic look, he opted for a more paired back collection of wardrobe staples that amalgamated high tech and high luxe. a formula that seems to prove successful season after season. thus guaranteeing the Vuitton man wardrobe longevity.

but we all know that in a Louis Vuitton runway presentation, the clothes come secondary to the real stars of the show: the bags.

for Fall'09, we shall see a number of past collections revisited and reinterpreted. first up would be bags and luggages in the classic Monogram Canvas trimmed with black leather:


this unquestionably masculine combination was first seen on the F/W 2004 runway:


for F/W2009, they have also made a more special version in honeycomb


which instantly reminds me of the "Rebonds" soccer balls they made back in 1999 in support of Unicef:

the hugely successful
Damier Graphite Collection from F/W2008 makes a second appearance in the form of large briefcase-like holdalls:


which to me looks like a slight improvement of the

probably the priciest and most desirable of all the bags seen on this runway would be these Monogram embossed leather bags in sombre black:


that Speedy - to me its a Speedy because the straps attaching the handles to the body do not go right around the bag like you see in a Keepall - looks set to be the runaway hit of the entire show. but this reversed (bumps instead of crevices) monogram effect first appeared in the women's Pre Fall 2007 Monogram Bronze Collection:


i was a bit sad that they didn't expand this line since i really like this leather effect. but now im glad it has reincarnated in black for the boys.

they have also included a couple of newbies. one is a line of what seems to be plain black whipcord material (similar to the black fabric used in some
Taiga bags) with black matte calfskin trim:


quite minimalist and understated, which reminds me of Prada's signature nylon bags or pre-logomania Tom Ford for Gucci.

but the bags that will definitely polarize LV fans would be these:


looks like they're made from some microfibre material with leather trims. the blue and the burgundy are quite alright, but not too sure about the silver. i like the size, function and simplicity of the shape. im definitely intrigued.

and to finish it up, here are my top 3 personal picks:


a Monogram Canvas bag with black leather trim has always been a dream of mine to have. i really think the sharp contrast  works for men especially. this computer bag seems just perfect for my current needs.


similar to the Damier Graphite Tadao (Feature Bag #18), these look like great unstructured totes that seem relatively lightweight and fuss-free.

but the one bag that stood out among all of them to me is this:


its the type of bag you either love or hate. but the feather print - which is quite unlike LV - really appeals to me. through the years i have included a few bags with atypically LV patterns such as the Ouvea (feature bag #3), Canwan (feature bag #19), toile chemise (feature bag #8), Vail Blanket (feature bag #6) and Monogramouflage (feature bag #15). these are the sort of items that do not make a comebck. a one-time only deal. which is what attracts me to the feathers as well. plus i love the surprise people get when they later realize the bag im carrying is a Vuitton.

Fall-Winter 2009 proves to be a VERY promising season. im genuinely excited. what's your pick?

Louis Vuitton,, always in style.

red or dead: Kanye's kicks make its runway debut
the Mothership

the Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2009 Menswear show has just concluded. among the star features was the official public outing of Kanye West's shoe designs for the luxury brand:

and here's a closer look:

the exaggerated flap at the back is designed to keep your trouser hem off the ground.

Mr West on the front row wearing a similar pair:


i think i prefer the white ones. but they all seem rather promising so far.

there will be a separate feature on the LV Men's F/W'09 runway show soon.

related entries: Kanye's kicks, in his footsteps.

source: LA Times

UPDATE: LV Men's S/S 2009 Bag Pricelist
the Mothership

meet the Naxos Collection, named after an island in Greece:

are you ready?

*deep breath*

Naxos Cabas (white or beige) AU$3,530:


Naxos Sac Sport (grey or beige) AU$3,970:


Naxos Messenger (grey or beige) AU$4,420:


still with me? i might have to think long and hard (maybe even try prayer) if im going to get one of these.


Louis Vuitton,, bagaholicboy.

LV Men's S/S '09 SCOOP!!!
the Mothership

i have just found out new info on the upcoming Spring/Summer 2009 collection....

a fellow blogger - freshmess - has been wondering about this lapel pin:


im pleased to inform him that its actually in the shape of a blazer or suit jacket seen from the side or hanging from a hook. there's also a possibility that these would be sold separately.

i was also stumped about these two bags:


at first i thought they were made of Taiga, but its actually a new Utah leather colour: petrol!

i've been wishing for navy blue Taiga, but i think blue Utah would be just as good.

and i was right about the beige suede Papillon shaped duffle bag:


this and the blue Siwa leather version on the right will be their Spring '09 Pre Collection. simply called "Sac Sport", these are based on the discontinued Sac Polochon and are due to arrive around mid December or early January. the suede would retail for AU$3970 while the Siwa would be AU$4200. *OUCH!* i had my sights set on the suede but with that sort of price point, i might have to rethink my selection.

with our Aussie $ at an all-time low, i might have to settle for the littlest bag on the show:


i can just imagine the larger all-leather totes and overnighters seen on the runway would be even more prohibitively exxy.

*le sigh*

for more photos including my original review of the men's LV S/S'09 show can be seen HERE and if you like to read more about Siwa leather, click HERE.

photos from

LV Spring-Summer 2009 Men's Collection
the Mothership

well the Ouvea chain pattern was a no-show as the entire collection was completely devoid of patterns or monograms. even the well-known superimposed "LV" was nowhere in sight. but don't get me wrong, im loving the pared-back styles of the bags. simplicity = timelessness.

here are MY TOP PICKS FOR LV Men's S/S'09:


i recon the beige suede "Papillon" style is earmarked for the Spring Pre-Collection. its the only odd one out. all the rest seem to be calfskin. at first look they appear to be made in Bequia leather once again. but on some photos it looks like Tobago:


or Taiga even:


which one is it exactly? it can either be all three leathers on offer or a totally new line.

i especially like the grey colour of this duffle/overnighter whose shape reminds me of Richard Prince's Monogram Jokes Mancrazy but with the added convenience of a shoulder strap:


loving the shoes with contrasting straps/braces:


also loving the muted colours of the RTW. especially the pinks and greys:


and the sunnies are worth a look too:


here are a few more to drool/dream/obsess over until they come out in January/February:


yet another great season from the one and only Louis Vuitton.

photos courtesy of:

LV Men's Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection
the Mothership

here's what's in store next season: they'll be launching a new Damier Graphite collection:


i really love this new dark Damier. i've been wishing for something black and grey for a while now. and these are just perfect!

looks like Bequia leather is making its fourth appearance:


seems like this leather is a favourite of LV menswear designer Paul Helbers and i guess its proven successful with the clientele as well.

Bequia wasn't the only one making a comeback. it appears that Damier Vernis will be crossing over to the men's collection next season:


i quite like the duffle-tote on the lower left. that and the Damier Graphite reporter with the black leather trim are my top picks this coming season.

LV Men's S/S 2008 Runway
the Mothership

here are some photos of what's in store for the boys next year:

Bequia leather is in its third season straight, i wonder if this will finally become a full fledged permanent line:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i really like the slanted zip on the side. i wonder if it is a separate flat pocket or does it give direct access to the main compartment. not too crazy about the powderblue coloured bag though.

Kangaroo is back! i was pleasantly surprised to see Sonana leather once more:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

this is the style im most drawn to at the moment:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the LV website describes it as "pearl finished kangaroo leather bags in lustrous oyster colours." i think im SOLD!

at first i thought these bags had a pattern of little trunks on uncoated canvas, but upon closer inspection and more detailed photos later, it is actually a new Damier line:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
"...others in horsehair with sea-wolf (a type of tanned fish skin) straps and kangaroo handles." they're definitely refering to the bag on the right. exotic indeed, but not prohibitively expensive like croc or snakeskin i would think.

oh, and i really like these retro specs too:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
one of my grandfathers had a very similar pair. do they still make pomade?

i know this won't be the most popular to a number of people because of the complete absence of the LV Monogram pattern. im fine with it, i actually LoVe it!

(photos courtesy of

LV men's F/W 2007 runway review
the Mothership

i've just been drooling over most of the stuff since photos came out last week. the first thing that hit me is the similarity for the current F/W'07 RTW (left) to the colour palette they used in the men's Spring/Summer collection back in 2003 (right):

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

although the latter is more 80's dandy as the former is Discovery Channel.

im not a t-shirt kind of guy, but i think i might just have to have these:

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
rather Pradaesque don't you think?

let's now move on to the bags:

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i quite like the shape of this bag. it reminds me of my Mono Glace Bobby with handles. it looks like they're continuing the Cuir Bequia line into Fall with it's distinct square perforations and platted zipper pulls. the Monogram Canvas versions look very smart as well:

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as much as i love my Vail Blanket Cabas, im not too sure about this felted wool version though:

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in dreams this bag shall remain for me:

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i also like these huge leather hobos:

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the stripes recall the striped runway artist Jim Lambie did for the F/W '06 show:

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could these bags possibly be another Jim Lambie collaboration?

and lastly.... LV seems to be pioneering evening bags for men:

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i don't see myself wearing them out in public, but i sure as hell love these metal minaudiéres. it's got "highly collectible" stamped all over it - an instant must have in my books.

that's it for now. a new feature bag will follow soon.... stay tuned.

another promising season
the Mothership

Marc Jacobs has passed the menswear reigns to former Maison Martin Margiela design team member Paul Helbers. here's the product of his first collection for LV from the recently concluded Spring/Summer 2007 show.


and my top pics:


i know this isn't for everyone, but i also love the Hawaii 5-O Keepall:


but for me this is THE ONE:


this bag combines two of my faves: Louis Vuitton craftsmanship and Balenciagaesque distressed leather. hopefully they make it to production - with the very slightest of alterations or none at all.

i can' wait, I'M IN LOVE!..... may the good Lord have mercy on my bank account.


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