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does it mention about their collab with helmut lang? can you take a pix of the page, please, if there is? thanks! ;)

here you go:

Chrissie Hynde with HL's DJ Trunk

text by Olivier Saillard. i've taken photos of the essay as well. i could email it to you if you like.

thanks, please do. :)

That slipcase is gorgeous! Congrats!

forget Amazon, get this edition instead!

how much is this in AUD? beautiful!!

i was this close to buying it during the jazz night...i thought i would really buy it but due to the unplanned purchase of the escapade...i had to wait and rest my credit card first. hahaha...but it really is a nice read. i hope they will still have it by the time i am armed once again. haha...

did they have a lot of this book on display in Makati? the boutique here only received one. so i skimmed through it with some of the SAs because they were pretty keen to see what's inside as well.

kamusta ang Escapade mo? has it had its first outing yet?

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