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Feature Bag #24: Cabas Escapade
Millionaire skull
here's the final instalment of this month's back-to-back feature bag reveal, presenting......

Cabas Escapade:

from the LV F/W 2009 menswear show collection:

the little covered ID pocket as seen on the runway would've been a nice extra feature, but im sure there've got their reasons to remove it from the final product.

at first i thought the LV Monogram was screenprinted directly onto the microfibre material. but its actually a very fine jacquard weave that plays with the light. the
scintillating shiny-matt reflections enhance the contrast between the midnight blue pattern and the burgundy ground colour.

the Brittany veal leather handles & trim and the sparse and roomy interior also sport this season's key colour: burgundy

but the main feature of this super lightweight tote is that it can be folded into the zip pouch included:

making it the perfect extra bag for incidentals when my bag can't accommodate.

like i mentioned in my F/W'09 runway review, this bag will polarise people - either you love it or hate it. but i would urge you to see it for yourself. even my brother - who was rather resistant when i first showed him photos of the bag - was instantly converted.

the Cabas Escapade also appeared on the runway in blue, silver and my much hoped for blue feather pattern. but now that it is only offered in the one colour and in the one model, makes the Escapade a little bit more special in my opinion.

and im very much happy with it.

ps: i've been humming to this song for the past couple of days and it quite rings true:

"Come on baby let's get away
Let's save our troubles for another day
Come go with me, we've got it made
Let me take you on an ESCAPADE
Let's go!"

runway photos:

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lovett! congratulations!

you finally got it!!! congrats yet looks so good...especially that the monogram is not printed but rather stitched in a way. i have yet to see it IRL. can't wait. but i am now so torn between this or my ever wanting conspiration pilote budget only calls for two items. how i wish i can get all three (together with the porte document)!!! so confused...

it really is stunning in real life. ibang klase talaga, it would be too hard to resist i promise you. its very difficult to photograph because most end up showing a grey-blue haze. the effect is much like those mauve shirts that were once so popular. know those? im sure you've had one too.

go for the Escapade and the Macassar Portfolio. the Conspirations will be around for a while.

Really stunning! Congrats again!

P.S. Your descriptions are always spot-on. Genius!

salamat po! now, if only i can take great photos like you...

Awww, thanks. Just use good natural light and don't use flash + macro on details. Take photos by a window or in your backyard. You'll be ok. :-)

thanks for the tips. but i live in the city. barely any natural light and definitely no backyard. unless i take them to the park. "WTF... is this guy seriously taking photos of his handbag?" LOL!

Hahaha! Oh yeah, you live high up in your tower. :-)

But you do take good photos, btw. How much did you pay for the Escapade again if you don't mind?

not so high naman. our little heritage listed building is dwarfed by modern high rises all around. kaya not a lot of sunlight. but its home =)

the Escapade is AU$1030. bargain, bili na!

swanky cultural building, nice. :-)

we'll see... ;-) saw the davis today, btw. it's nice but i wasn't like blown away. oops.

you should get the bag that speaks to you. have you moved on from the Soft Briefcase? though the Davis is still on top of my wish list now, im kinda considering the Keepall 45 too. Macassar or Graphite?

No I haven't moved on just yet. :-)

I actually find Keepall 45 in Graphite quite hot. I'd pick that over the Macassar. Unless you want a trio of monogram luggage.

true.... di ko naisip iyuun. i was originally leaning more towards the Macassar Keepall. but now that you pointed that out... hmmm...

LVoe it!!!!! It's gorgeous! Congrats.

thank you!

wow, the zip pouch! very clever!
they shouldn't have taken away that ID tag...

but still loving it

yeah, the folding into a pouch was a major drawcard for me. maybe it has something to do with the folding that's why they took the ID patch out.

really cool. i love the texture and the color is really stunning.

it is indeed! thanks for dropping by.

Very nice! I also liked the blue color better - a shame they didn't release it in that color.

im sure they have their reasons. but im happy with this one. =)

Gee, the moment I saw it I know there are bound to be people who hate it, but it charms me. Love it! Love the sheen to it! Love how the boys are carrying it off.

its cool if most don't like the Escapade. but it did turn heads when the SA brought it out for me.

Love it!

My Gawd! I Love the bag... too bad I can't afford it... :( Congratulations for owning a wonderful bag like this.. Hayz :)

thank you =)

Ayyyy!!!! I didn't know!!! Congratz, LVoe it!!!!

salamat po!

have you got anything to declare yourself?

beautiful. congratulations!

That's one beautiful tote! :) May i know if its available here in Manila? And how much would it go for, if you dont mind. :) I would really love to buy one if I could afford it. Hehehe.

hello and thank you for visiting. i really couldn't answer your questions since im in Australia. best to phone the LV boutique in Makati directly. cheers!

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