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Le sigh... I heart.
Congrats DD! This is the one bag from FW 09/10 that I want.

thank you. don't give up. unless you've already found something you want better (and i think i know what it is) ;-)

btw, when will you reveal your other LV Athens loot? ibubuko na kita!

Since the Oslo store didn't get the Soft Briefcase, I redirected my funds to another bag today and eventually won the bid. (Btw, do you think it was an OK price? Bag looks good apart from some scratches)

I still want the Soft Briefcase and am thinking of getting it in October when I go to Milan. I have time to make ipon until then.

I'll reveal it tomorrow. Promise! Hahaha! Quiet ka lang kasi.

so it IS the same bag im thinking of! i think its a good price - still less than retail. its a beautiful bag (bias, kasi meron din ako hehehe). the scratches are inevitable, but its not such a big deal.

im really excited for you!!!

the Soft Briefcase will come if its meant to be. i have a good feeling it will.

Milan naman in two month? kalat ka ha.

Yeah, I think we're talking of the same bag. Haha! I was looking at your photos of it nga for reference ;-) Yeah, less than retail and you don't see this bag around anymore. Hopefully it comes in the same condition as pictured.

I plan to visit a friend who moved there to study fashion. She invited me, so go. :-)


oh my, i have no clue as to what bag you are talking about...aaarrgghh...haha. wow, daming binili among you guys of late. hehe. anyway, dd, such a very nice looking bag...i have only seen the davis and bass so far since these are the only ones that arrived last saturday...i am still waiting for the rest specifically, the porte document and the first i thought you were getting the davis...congrats again!!!

by the way, i never knew about the story of macassar. i always learn something new with lv from you...galing, kamagong lang pala yun!

secret nalang namin ni Mark iyun for now ;-)

i really love the Davis. but since its permanent and the Soft Briefcase isn't i went for that one first. the Davis is at the top of my wish list now. but i must recover first and enjoy my new additions. im actually very excited to use them already.

so is the Porte Document your #1 priority? i haven't seen it IRL yet but im sure it will be just as awesome. im excited for you.

You'll find out in due time ;)

Lovely! It's just so manly and proper don't do you think?

absolutely! the high contrast is just so different from what we've been used to.

Goodlooking bag you have there. Although they did change the leather straps from the runway. The black calf leather surely made the monogram canvas an entirely new masculine look.

i actually prefer the cotton webbing strap - its wider and more flexible, much more comfortable on the shoulder for me.

thanks for visiting =)

Oh my god, the soft briefcase is def. one of best bags from F/W. I love it! Congrats!

thank you. i look forward to your own reveal soon ;-)

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