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Gorgeous indeed! Great addition to your family Mr Duck!

lucky you! you always get the good finds. hahahaha...your connections must be good. :P i love it. the stole and how you got it. ;) enjoy!

by hook or by crook i just had to have it =)

very nice i like it a lot
but i still find it expensive


the Damier etole helped me cross that line. you should too ;-)

I want Monogramouflage

Arrhhh... Why are all the blogs showing off their Monogramouflage!! I want Trellis!!

Re: I want Monogramouflage

the Treillis is the best! my #1 favourite.

what a steal~~ eye candy indeed!
ahem ahem* i need codeword from ya to proceed giveaway from bagaholic lol
which leads me to your amazing blog!

i still don't have the codeword. not that i would tell you even if i did =P keep checking.

I hate you! After all this time, this stole still gives me the disturbia.

me too. that's why i have to take action once and for all.

Congratulations, DD! Super love it! :)

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