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Millionaire skull

it took me a little over a year to acquire this:

im sure most of you would recognize the black pouch with the red text peculiar to this item...

yes, i've finally got a
Monogramouflage stole!

the disturbia is over.

i really wanted one when it first came out last year, but just couldn't seem to justify the price initially. when i finally got around to convincing myself i MUST have one, they were all gone. should've, could've, would've*

flash forward to last month with my acquisition of the Damier Etole noir* which i truly adore. it stoked my desire for its camouflage cousin even more. now more than ever, i absolutely need to have the Monogramouflage too no matter what. and i was lucky enough to find one in perfect, practically unused condition. but the best part is that i only had to pay $50 more than what i paid retail for the Damier etole, when some resellers on e(vil)Bay were asking double for a mangled piece....and people were buying!

this extremely fine gauzy cashmere and silk stole is suited for nearly all year round wear particularly here in Melbourne. the distinct pattern created by Takashi Murakami is undeniably hip and utterly shameless! a direct "f-you" to those against any overt branding. but i've known of a lot of converts too. that's the magic of Louis Vuitton at work ;-)

though i wouldn't really wear them together, im happy my most beloved
Monogramouflage Treillis* has a companion piece now

i LOVE Monogramouflage!!!

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Gorgeous indeed! Great addition to your family Mr Duck!

lucky you! you always get the good finds. hahahaha...your connections must be good. :P i love it. the stole and how you got it. ;) enjoy!

by hook or by crook i just had to have it =)

very nice i like it a lot
but i still find it expensive


the Damier etole helped me cross that line. you should too ;-)

I want Monogramouflage

Arrhhh... Why are all the blogs showing off their Monogramouflage!! I want Trellis!!

Re: I want Monogramouflage

the Treillis is the best! my #1 favourite.

what a steal~~ eye candy indeed!
ahem ahem* i need codeword from ya to proceed giveaway from bagaholic lol
which leads me to your amazing blog!

i still don't have the codeword. not that i would tell you even if i did =P keep checking.

I hate you! After all this time, this stole still gives me the disturbia.

me too. that's why i have to take action once and for all.

Congratulations, DD! Super love it! :)

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