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Mr Ford's last vestige
brown bag

swung by Gucci last weekend to check out whatever's left on their sale racks. it was the last day of their month-long sale season and i thought i might pick something up when they're practically giving the last few pieces away for a song. well relatively anyway. there were still some handbags, wallets and keychains to be had. but nothing really jumped out at me except for this little thing:

"posacenere da tasca"

i can use it as a pillbox to contain my daily supplements. but i'll most likey be using it as its intended.

yes, yes, yes... heard it all before. so let's not go there.

this is possibly the last sign of the Texan's decade long tenure at Gucci. gone are the days of sex and vices.

i've got my last little souvenir.

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Wait a minute... it's a ciggy ash holder!


omg for a second i thought it was a condom holder... haha

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