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Gorgeous! I'm still hoping I'll be able to hunt down the Bordeaux Etole Damier.
Looks good on you, lovin' the fingerless glove, too.
Worth the wait, no? :)

yes, absolutely worth the wait. i do hope you get one too. bordeaux is gorg, im kinda thinking of getting that as well. *gulp*

i covet your helmut lang denim jacket.

its actually my favourite piece of clothing.

nice one! get another one to combine it the way they do on the runway! hehe...

yes, im thinking of doing just that ;-)

Oh, LVoe it. It seems to be so soft! And it's gorgeous. Congrats for this new acquisition.

thanks. its very soft and somewhat cuddly.

Congratz, Dee!!! Me likee, din. LVoe it!!!

my jaw dropped when i saw the price tag, it's like the GDP of timbaktu!

yeah, its pretty dear for a scarf. but i think its worth it. you must get one too!

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