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Hanep naman. Congratz, DD! LVoe it!!!

I saw this on the Vuitton website some weeks ago and thought it was cool.
Very cool indeed. Congrats!

LV for men

Hi there! I'm a lurker in chuvaness' blog and read even her friends entries. I was wondering if i could ask help from you (you seem extremely in-the-know when it comes to all things vuitton) as regards an
LV bag (i think for men) that I have (given by my father to my hubby) but i don't know the name or from
what 'season' it came from. Is it okay if i email you pics? I've tried asking in other forums but since they mostly discuss ladies bags they don't seem
to know...

-kathy l.

thanks for visiting Kathy. im happy to help.

send it to: uncreated(at)yaho o .co m.

(i have to break it up so i won't get spammed)


wow thats sweet, I bought one of those for about $6.99USD :D

congrats on your collection I'm sure I'm not the only one whose

oooooh i like a lot!! practical yet nice!
*order baked beans*

the baked beans fest continues.... ;-) it never really ends actually.

whoa. this is definitely a nice one. you always get to have these unique pieces! and yes, i so agree with your logic, function and aesthetics. makes it even more worth it. congrats. inggit na naman here. haha.

trust me, you need one too. hehehehe...

Gorgeous addition to your collection Mr Duck...

thanks for the mention on your world-famous blog too.


so gorg!!!! how much does it cost???? i wonder wether it is available in singapore....

Hi Anon it is SGD690 in Singapore, and yes it is available!

No Mr Duck, I am not world-famous yet...

When functionality meets aesthetics:-P

Cool stuff!

Kevin (mymanybags)

Hi, I'm a fan of ur blog too.. wow .. theres only one in every Aussie store? A$660 is not too bad.. may i know which branch did u get it from? im in Syd.. btw.. thanks.. beautiful USB.. wow..

well that's what i've been told. only 8 USBs in the country. i got mine from the Crown Casino LV in Melbourne.

thanks for visiting.

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