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how could i not?
crazy banana

a little care package from the legendary Chuvaness arrived last Friday:


it took almost two months for it to get to me (i had it sent to a different city, which then got misplaced and forgotten in the office) but it was well worth the wait. i was only expecting the I <3 Chuvaness keychain, but she threw in a couple of other goodies including a Tony Takitani DVD - i can't believe she remembered - and a Pepper Lunch mobile phone charm:


god love her!

the keychain is part of the original batch of 24 she gave away to friends and diehard fans. i'll proudly hang it on my Graffiti Keepall:



i can now say im an official card-carrying member of the Chuvaness army. =P

thanks you so much C!!! i do heart Chuvaness. 

Oooh goodies! Don't you just love getting parcels in the mail ;)

of course! especially they're presents =)

oh I just saw this now. I suck! hehe.

oki lang. tears long gone =p


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