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Anish Kapoor at the MCA
balloon dog

i spent a weekend in Sydney to see a long hoped exhibit on Anish Kapoor - one of my favourite contemporary artists of all time

the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) was the venue for the first major exhibition in Australia of the Mumbai-born, London-based artist.

here are a few snaps i took of some of his utterly transfixing works that are on show

'My Red Homeland', 2003 wax and oil-based paint, steel arm, motor.

'Laboratory for a New Model of the Universe', 2006 acrylic

Untitled, 2010 stainless steel.

Untitled, 2004 aluminium and paint

'1000 Names', 1979-80 wood, gesso, pigment.

'Non-Object (Door)', 2008 stainless steel.

'When I Am Pregnant', 1992 fibreglass and paint

'Non-Object (Plane)', 2010 stainless steel

'Memory', 2008 cor-ten steel.

'Sky Mirror' 2006, stainless steel.

20 December 2012 – 1 April 2013

The Museum Of Contemporary Art Australia
140 George Street, The Rocks
Sydney, Australia

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