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I can totally imagine those postcards into stickers stuck to a vintage (or even a new one) Monogrammed LV trunks. (okay not just LV, even Goyard.)

these postcards are reproduced from actual old luggage stickers. ;-)

Does the box feature some kind of book or is it really just postcards?

it comes with a little booklet that talks about Gaston-Louis' collection of hotel luggage stickers and some archival illustrations. other than that it is basically a box of postcards meant to accompany the "100 Legendary Trunks" book.

Shopping ka na naman! LVoe!

Mark /

luma na ito. just forgot to post it.

oh my god! i seriously want to get this set. do you think available pa? can this be bought separately from the book? how much din pala hehehe. thanks!

they're prob still available, sold separately from the book, AU$86. buy!

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