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twitpics: orna-mentals (part two)
balloon dog

we have another Christmas tree which is placed in the dining room that's about 2ft tall. it was a present i gave my mum about seven Christmases ago. here it is covered in coloured lights just before the annual residents move in:

about two dozen glass birds - hummingbirds, finches, cardinals and sparrows - ready to swoop:

there are glass owls too (my favourite):

and in lieu of a star, a lone glass peacock goes on top:

add a few glass love hearts and our "bird tree" is finished!

one can almost hear the cacophony of song. can't help but smile each time i look at it =]

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I think I've developed a Christmas-Tree-envy! :)

it is kinda phallic LOL! =p

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