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Love the charms, love the bag even more!

yes, and yes. =)

So far, the best charm I've ever seen from LV~~

and one of the most expensive too >_< but it's for charity, so i guess its not so bad.

I adore this charm!

Mark /

me too! bagay sa Macassar di ba?

Yes! But maybe not on our briefcase? =(

yes, not on the soft briefcase. but ok on the ones im eyeing ;-)

yes! most definitely. shop na! =)

The Masai bag charm makes a rustling noise when I move around - very pleasant!

I died and went to LV's heaven.
I've always loved this Keepall Révélation, and the bag charm is gorgeous too.
I think i'm gonna sell a kidney/lung for this Keepall, seriously. :-)

i've already listed my kidney and part of my liver on Craigslist. ;-P

The Revelation is indeed a breathtaking sight - it is visually arresting, elegant & yet functional. I am already short of a kidney!

oh my god. i so LOVE this bag charm! i know i don't really make use of bag charms (until i got one at singapore) but this one i really like. i like anything wood and this is just lovely. i wonder if this is available in the philippines! is it really a limited piece?

i don't know if it is very limited. probably not since it is for charity.

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