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LV + Edun ♥ Africa
the Mothership

besides Prada's Edward the robot and the LV USB key holder which i think are just too good to pass, im not inclined to
adding extra ornaments on my bags. but i feel that this would be another exception:

the Masaï bag charm

created in collaboration with Edun, a lifestyle fashion brand of organic, ethically made products founded by Ali Hewson and Bono, this distinct bag charm consist of 13 handcrafted ebony and bone spikes, some inlaid in the luxury brand's signature quatrefoils plus a disc bearing the LV monogram. included is a brass tag etched with this year's LV Core Values ad campaign slogan "Every journey began in Africa" which also stars the celebrity couple.

these charms are produced in co-operation with Made, a fair trade brand of jewellery and accessories expertly finished by craftspeople in Kenya, essentially making this bag charm Louis Vuitton's very first "made in Africa" product.
when the luxury goods behemoth LVMH (Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A) took a 49% ownership stake in Edun last year, it has also taken on the label’s mission of eradicating poverty through sustainable enterprise in Africa. a percentage of the sale of each AU$665 Masaï bag charm and the new Monogram Révélation Keepall 45 (price on application) in brown debossed & implanted leather - a technique echoing traditional African scarification practices - will go towards TechnoServe in Africa for the Conservation Cotton Initiative, a charity Ms Hewson created in 2005.

in conjunction with the ad campaign and the charity support, an exhibit of African contemporary art alongside Edun RTW creations entitled “Africa Rising” will open opposite Louis Vuitton’s head offices in Paris, on the rue du Pont-Neuf between October 5 – 17.

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Love the charms, love the bag even more!

yes, and yes. =)

So far, the best charm I've ever seen from LV~~

and one of the most expensive too >_< but it's for charity, so i guess its not so bad.

I adore this charm!

Mark /

me too! bagay sa Macassar di ba?

Yes! But maybe not on our briefcase? =(

yes, not on the soft briefcase. but ok on the ones im eyeing ;-)

yes! most definitely. shop na! =)

The Masai bag charm makes a rustling noise when I move around - very pleasant!

I died and went to LV's heaven.
I've always loved this Keepall Révélation, and the bag charm is gorgeous too.
I think i'm gonna sell a kidney/lung for this Keepall, seriously. :-)

i've already listed my kidney and part of my liver on Craigslist. ;-P

The Revelation is indeed a breathtaking sight - it is visually arresting, elegant & yet functional. I am already short of a kidney!

oh my god. i so LOVE this bag charm! i know i don't really make use of bag charms (until i got one at singapore) but this one i really like. i like anything wood and this is just lovely. i wonder if this is available in the philippines! is it really a limited piece?

i don't know if it is very limited. probably not since it is for charity.

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