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new year, new guise 2
dapper duck

getting a new pair of glasses is like walking around with a brand new identity. its even more exciting and interesting when one picks three completely different  pairs:

first up is the
Tom Ford TF5007 in red horn:

i also got a pair of Dita Insiders in honey tortoise:

and my new favourite, Cutler and Gross 0870 in green tortoise:

who are you today?

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how fab! i love your ditas!

mark /

Love the Cutler & Gross!

thanks! i love it too, i might get another pair in a different colour. =D

A Single Man

Hi. Is the TF5007 frame the one worn by the model in Tom Ford ads for S/S 10? - J.

i don't think so. have you got a pic?

Re: A Single Man

The link:

My mistake. It is not the one. They just shared a bit of resemblance. Though Kanye West sported yours in black.

the link isn't working but i think i know which one you're referring to. yes, the ones in the ad is a new model. the ones i got is one of his first styles i believe.

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