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It's not just a bag, it's a stellar showpiece to own as well! Congrats Mr Duck!

thanks BB! im still quite stunned by it.

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i am teeming with envy, i am now having regrets in a way for not getting one, to think the SA called me pa. hay. kainis. i had too much to spend na rin kasi and then christmas pa. hmmm...consoling myself. haha. anyway, congrats! i am sure it is one piece that will make your collection standout. :P

have you been to the boutique lately? they might still have it at GB4 ;-) kaya mo 'yan! hehehehe...

Spreading the LoVe...

It really is a beautiful piece. I've been lusting after Sac Plat in the traditional Monogram for some time. I think it will have to be my Birthday/X-mas gift to myself this year :D

I do love the Monogram Miroir effect; but don't really think I could carry it off myself. That said, I'm looking for a silver Trench Coat for this winter...


Re: Spreading the LoVe...

i think its an excellent choice. there's no better gift ;-) i took the bag out for the first time today and it surely turned every head. but im getting the hang of it. i won't feel as conspicuous anymore when i go back to Melbourne in a couple of months.

Truly shameless and unapologetic. I love it na! Haha!
Congrats, J!

how could one not love this? buy na rin. now na!!!! =P

Ayoko sayo, dangerrr! LOL.

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