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feature bag #25: Monogram Miroir Sac Plat
Millionaire skull

well fun, flashy & frivolous won eventually.

here's a belated Christmas present to myself, the
 LV Monogram Miroir Sac Plat in argent:

Monogram Miroir made its debut in Fall/Winter 2006 - a collection of Louis Vuitton's most iconic bags with a distinctly dipped-in-metal effect. these were inspired by Swiss artist
Sylvie Fleury's 2000 sculpture of a chrome plated bronze LV Keepall:

this first collection of silver and gold monogram embossed PVC bags proved to be extremely popular that Louis Vuitton has been doing one-shot limited releases of new Miroir bags and accessories since then. usually to mark a grand opening of a new boutique or a special event. for their Holiday 2009 Collection, they selected the Sac Plat to mirrorize. an undisputed classic, this bag in original Monogram canvas is one of LV's earliest shopping totes. its newest reincarnation keeps true to the original with rolled, saddle-stitched handles, gusseted side panels
and a spacious interior with flat pocket, mobile phone pouch and D-ring:

the highly reflective silver surface picks up colours from its surroundings in a somewhat "camouflage effect" as
a blogging friend describes it.

here's some varied displays with different light exposures:

this is possibly the flashiest bag i will ever own. it's absolutely shameless and i love it!

even my little
Edward seems to like his new "hangout" too:

one couldn't find a more awesome bag to kick-start a new decade.

spread the LoVe!

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It's not just a bag, it's a stellar showpiece to own as well! Congrats Mr Duck!

thanks BB! im still quite stunned by it.

(Deleted comment)
i am teeming with envy, i am now having regrets in a way for not getting one, to think the SA called me pa. hay. kainis. i had too much to spend na rin kasi and then christmas pa. hmmm...consoling myself. haha. anyway, congrats! i am sure it is one piece that will make your collection standout. :P

have you been to the boutique lately? they might still have it at GB4 ;-) kaya mo 'yan! hehehehe...

Spreading the LoVe...

It really is a beautiful piece. I've been lusting after Sac Plat in the traditional Monogram for some time. I think it will have to be my Birthday/X-mas gift to myself this year :D

I do love the Monogram Miroir effect; but don't really think I could carry it off myself. That said, I'm looking for a silver Trench Coat for this winter...


Re: Spreading the LoVe...

i think its an excellent choice. there's no better gift ;-) i took the bag out for the first time today and it surely turned every head. but im getting the hang of it. i won't feel as conspicuous anymore when i go back to Melbourne in a couple of months.

Truly shameless and unapologetic. I love it na! Haha!
Congrats, J!

how could one not love this? buy na rin. now na!!!! =P

Ayoko sayo, dangerrr! LOL.

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