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crèche moderne
Rietveld Chair

i just got the coolest Christmas Nativity scene today

it is the
Presepe (it means crib in Italian) Set designed by comic-strip artist and illustrator Massimo Giacon for Italian contemporary design brand Alessi's A di Alessi "Figure" line of pop-infused decorative objects for Christmas.

this has been in the works since the 1990s and was finally produced in 2007, these hand-decorated fine porcelain figurines echo the traditional European crèche, but updated to suit the modernist homes of today.

it includes: ox and donkey (my faves)

Joseph and Mary

and the star of the show looking quite chuffed to be there:

the traditional grotto or stable is stylized even further into a spherical pod almost resembling Eero Aarnio's iconic
Ball Chair from the 1960's.

i shall be hunting down the rest of the cast soon:

hopefully they would release an angel and a star to complete it.

the A di Alessi
"Figure" line also includes a few secular Holiday pieces:

which are just as irresistibly adorable. here's a short promotional animated clip:

don't you just want to collect them all? i do. i must control my collecting hoarding frenzy for now and just enjoy admiring and playing with this one first

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cuteness aren't they? isn't there an Alessi boutique at Rockwell? go, like now na!

i'm done shopping na. but I'll check it out when I'm at High Street

the "pod" also comes in white if you like.

awesome!i love a tiny horse!

waaaaah! how cute is that?! alessi always has the coolest stuff, but i don't see these here in oslo. will hunt 'em down! thanks for sharing.

i hope you find one too =)

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